10 At-Home Workout Essentials – Amazon Finds

When I first started working out I preferred going to the gym and didn’t really enjoy working out at-home. Within the last couple of months, I discovered YouTube videos and have found the convenience of working out at-home very attractive. Not having to get ready to go into the gym but rather just putting on my workout clothes and pressing play on my tablet.

When I started working out at-home, I had quite a few workout items that I accumulated over the past few years but needed to buy a few items to complete my “home gym”.

Here are 10 workout essentials to build your at-home gym from Amazon:


Workout Band


Resistance Bands

Dumbbells 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 LBS

Medicine Ball

Large Water Bottle

Yoga Mat

Stability Ball


Do you see anything that I’m missing on the list or should have? Leave a comment below so I can add it to you “home gym”!

xoxo – Katie

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