The 10 Best Podcasts

I’m sharing 10 of my favorite podcasts that have helped improve my life! They’re such a great way to consume personal development, advice, new business ideas and strategies, and so much more! There is literally a podcast for EVERYTHING!

I was introduced to podcast 2 years ago, and fell in love with them. I shared all about how I was originally introduced to podcast in my post, Podcasts Changed my Life. Podcast’s are such a great way to consume personal development, advice, new business ideas and strategies, and so much more! There is literally a podcast for EVERYTHING!

I love that you can listen to them while multitasking…working, cooking dinner, commuting, exercising, etc. It’s one of my favorite ways to consume personal development since it’s so convenient and free!

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite podcasts, the best that I’ve found in the past 2 years, along with a little information about each podcast. I’m always adding to podcasts to my list, so please share your favorite podcast with me in the comments below!

The 10 Best Podcasts


earn your happy

1. Earn Your Happy Podcast by Lori Harder.

Lori is very uplifting in this podcast, she talked about various challenges she’s over come, and still does. She covers topics like personal development, business, and has various guest’s on the show to learn different perspectives as well.

 marriage more

2. Marriage More Podcast by Jeff and Mandy Rose.

Although they haven’t had a new episode in quite a while, but the episodes that Jeff and Mandy still have up are great! They discuss various issues that arise in marriage and tips on how to work through them while being honest and very relatable.


3. One Extraordinary Marriage Podcast by Tony and Alisa Dilorenzo.

Tony and Alisa cover topics that often times get swept under the rug and not discussed by couples. They are very candid in sharing what they’ve gone through in their 20+ years of marriage and share ways to overcome obstacles and communicate within your marriage. They cover topics that can sometimes be seen as taboo to talk about but still need to be discussed more often in relationships.


4. Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis.

Rachel discussed many personal development topics and shares many of the chapters from her best-selling book, Girl, Wash Your Face. She shares what to follow your dreams, business strategies and overcoming obstacles you’ve created within your own life.

rise together

5. Rise Together Podcast by Dave and Rachel Hollis.

Rachel and Dave discuss different topics about marriage and the obstacles they’ve overcome and are so overcoming within their marriage. This is a newer podcast but is great so far!


6. The Chalene Show Podcast by Chalene Johnson.

Chalene shares about many different topics like business, health, and provides strategies for improving your life and finding your happiness. She is very relatable in her delivery and provides advice that you can apply to your everyday life.


7. The Life Coach School Podcast by Brooke Castillo.

Brooke has a very honest delivery as she discusses ways for improving your life and seeing it in a different perspective. She doesn’t sugar coat things and covers topics like business, personal development, and choosing happiness.


8. The Goal Dinner Podcast by Jenna Kutcher.

Jenna is such a down-to-earth established business woman who covers many business related topics and tip on how to improve your business and follow your dreams. She is a very successful business owner who comes along side you and provides you the information and tips you need to succeed in your own business.


9. The Fierce Marriage Podcast by Ryan and Selena Frederick.

Ryan and Selena are a faith-based podcast that discusses marriage topics that help you to take your marriage to the next level. They share what they’ve overcome within their own marriage and provide ways to improve your marriage and focus on what’s important.


10. Organize 365 Podcast by Lisa Woodruff.

If you’re looking to organize your life, and I’m not just talking about filing cabinets, Lisa’s podcast will help you! She discusses various ways to organize your life in ways you’d never think of. She explains the importance of organization in your life and how it not only relieves the stress of feeling unorganized but how being unorganized actually takes away valuable time in your life.

Did you find this list helpful? Am I missing any of your favorite podcasts on this list? Leave a comment below and let me know which podcast I MUST add to my list!

xoxo – Katie

“A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard to reach people.”

– Tim Paige

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