DIY – Door Knob Updates – Less than $15


This past summer, Shane and I decided we wanted to update our door knobs throughout the house since they were all gold and outdated. We looked into how much it would cost to buy all new door knobs throughout the house, the average door knob set was about $15, and the entry door sets were even more expensive at about $30. Between doors and closet doors we have a total of 13 door knobs in our home, not include the door hinges. The total cost for updating them all would’ve cost us about $200.

After adding adding up the total cost for replacing them all, we decided to go with a much more affordable option, to paint them instead!

 I painted them with Ruest-Oleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. Paint sure has improved over the years and they have now come out with metallic options that look great! A can of this paint cost about $7. It’s a paint and primer in one but I chose to prime the knobs first with Rust-Oleum Flat White Primer for added durability since we knew they would have a lot of wear and tear. The primer I used was about $4 .

By priming and painting the knobs instead of replacing them, it costed us less than $15 for the whole project, which is the cost of one set had we gone with our other option.

Supplies Needed:

Here are the steps I took to update our door knobs and hardware:

1. Remove Door Knobs and other Hardware

Remove all knobs, locks, and hardware from the doors. We haven’t done the hinges yet but plan to eventually.

2. Clean and Dry

Wipe down each piece with a clean rag, I just used dawn dish soap, and water. Dry each piece.

3. Prime


Prime each piece. Make sure to use even side-to-side motions when using the spray primer and paint. Less is better. Don’t apply too much at once. I applied one layer of the primer.

I used old toilet paper rolls and the edge of a cardboard box to hold up the door knobs so they wouldn’t touch the table where I spray painted them. I also made small holes in a piece of cardboard and pushed the screws threw (so only the heads of the screws showed) I then primed the screw heads. Let everything dry for 1-2 hours.

4. Paint

In the same way you applied the primer, apply the paint. Spray with even side-to-side motions, not applying too much at one. I applied 1 coat, waited about an hour then added another coat. Make sure to cover all angles of the knobs, it can be hard to see since they have so many curves.

Allow them to dry a minimum of 24 hours before re-attaching them to the doors. These are pieces that will get a lot of wear and tear so it’s best to allow enough dry time so the paint has maximum durability.


We updated all of the closet doors, the front door and lock, as well as the screen door about 6 months ago and they’re holding up great! There are a few minor nicks but overall they look great and we’re very happy we went with this option vs. getting all new door knobs and hardware. The front door knob has had the most wear and we’ll likely fully replace it at some point but for now, this has done the trick! We plan to update the hinges with this same method soon.

What do you think? Is this a project you think you would do in your own home? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo – Katie

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