January Book Club

Wow, can you believe we’re already to mid-December? Where has this year gone?! Since the New Year brings a lot of change and new goals for most people, I thought what better time to start another personal development Feed Your Mind Book Club than January 1st.

If you’re not familiar with the book club, each month we choose a book from the Feed Your Mind Book List which is a list of personal development books that I’ve compiled over the last few years. The list of books have been recommended by well known leaders within that industry through various medias, podcast, and by others who enjoy these types of books.

I created the list and have now developed a book club to share my love for personal development books with all of you! It’s a great way to gain a wealth full of knowledge and interact with like-minded women who want to learn and grow in the same way you do!

We interact through a Facebook group that I’ve created and share our thoughts about the book that we’re reading that month. I also do Lives in the group where I’m able to interact with everyone in real time and everyone has a chance to discuss and share our thoughts together.

If you’re interested in joining the Feed Your Mind Book Club, we’re in the process of choosing our next book for the month of January. We start January 1st and will be discussing the book throughout the month. Head over to the group to join and cast your vote for which book you’d like to read. The group is free and all women are welcome, sorry guys! I’ll be announcing the chosen book this Sunday, December 16th by midnight CT which should allow everyone enough time to buy their book (or put it on their Christmas list) and have it in time for when we start January 1st.

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