It’s a Girl!

Shane and I are so excited to share that we’re having a baby girl! The suspense over the last 5 months has been killing me not knowing. Especially since Shane has been holding me back from buying a bunch of gender neutral items, which I’m glad he did! I’m excited to finally buy all of the pink and girly items I can with a bunch of bows and headbands too!

Originally when we found out I was pregnant, I was guessing it was a boy and so did Shane but at about 12 weeks or so I switched up my guess to a girl and I was right! I’m excited to be expecting a little girl and the new experience it will be for both, Shane and I. I have really only taken care of baby boys so it’ll be fun for us to learn and share in this new experience together.

Needless to say, I had very little sleep the night before the 20 week appointment due to excitement and nervousness in anticipation of the anatomy scan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the anatomy scan appointment, the 20 week anatomy scan is a long ultrasound where they make sure everything is looking good with you and your baby. They take a bunch of different measurements of baby’s head, limbs, and everything else to ensure that baby is growing at a healthy rate and that everything is doing what it should be.

Our appointment went great and I was lucky to be able to share the special moment with both, Shane and my mom. The doctor’s said baby girl is measuring perfectly, she’ll probably be a little short like her mommy but everything looks perfect. They did find a placental lake, which they aren’t concerned about and said is very common, but they will be keeping an eye on it. We’ll do another ultrasound during my next appointment to ensure everything continues to look good. Shane and I are thrill to know that baby is healthy and it was fun to see her moving around like crazy!

After our doctor’s appointment we grabbed lunch with my mom and later picked up a few new girly outfits, all pink of course! After a little shopping, Shane and I headed to a local park and had fun taking the below video to be able to share the gender reveal with all of our family and friends.

We posted a photo from the video in black and white on social media to see what everyone guessed the gender of baby would be. Many people guessed we were having a boy which made it all the more fun to finally share the big reveal video … it’s a girl!

Did you guess on my last post? Where you right? Did you do a gender reveal with your pregnancies? I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo – Katie

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