Maternity Must-Haves

When shopping for maternity items, or really anything baby related, I’m always looking for multi-use items that can be used for extended periods of time. I don’t like buying a piece only to be able to use it for a couple of months. Of course, it’s not always possible but I do my best to get pieces I can use both during pregnancy and after.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite maternity and non-maternity items I’ve purchased since I’ve been pregnant and love! Many of these items are non-maternity and can be used as maternity just by sizing up and are still comfortable. Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve preferred to have more fitting clothes since I like to show off the bump.


Floral Maxi Dress (non-maternity, nursing friendly)
Kimono Cardiagan
Nursing Friendly Tank Top (Also comes in t-shirt or long sleeve versions)

American Eagle


Old Navy

Maternity Full Panel Distressed Rockstar Jeans
Maternity Full Panel Jeans

*Old Navy doesn’t carry maternity in-store (at least not at the locations near me), they only have a small maternity section from online orders. I was lucky to purchased a few maternity items in-store for a great marked down price since they were online return orders. Keep an eye out at your local store for their “maternity section” since they might have some amazing online return deals! They do have a great selection online however, just a little most spendy usually.


Linen Shorts (non-maternity, stick with normal size)

Where are your favorite places to shop for maternity or non-maternity clothes?

xoxo – Katie

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