My Books Release Today!

Today is the day that Just Believemy very first children’s book is released into the world! I collaborated with Hello Bluebirds on this projects with illustrations by Jacqueline A. Bance, edited by Heidi Roufs, and written by me!

In addition to the book, we also created Just Believe Activity Book, a children’s Christmas activity book filled with word games, coloring pages, and more fun activities! Both of the books are intended for readers ages 4-10 (of course, readers older and younger than that are welcome).

These books have been so fun to write and create and I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with some lovely and talented ladies on them who happen to be family. My sister, Heidi, helped add input and correct all of my grammatical errors in the children’s book. My mother, Jacqueline, created such beautiful illustrations in both books which depict the story so accurately and helped tie everything together. This was definitely a fun family collaboration and I’m very pleased with how beautifully these Christmas books have turned out!

Here are more details on the books:

Just Believe: A Christmas Story About Staying True to Your Beliefs :

A Children’s Christmas story about a young girl named Bella who has a unique Christmas wish, a donkey. Join Bella on her journey to see if Santa is real while being reminded to just believe in yourself and the magic of Christmas.

Just Believe Activity Book: Christmas Activity Book for Kids:

A fun-filled Christmas activity book based on the children’s book, Just Believe. It is packed with word searches, coloring pages, connect the dots and more!

Love the Illustrations? Visit for more books illustrated and written by Jacqueline Bance.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have creating them. If you purchase one, please leave a review on Amazon. Each review helps the book reach more people and I would love to hear what you think about them!

As always, thank you so much for your continued support! I look forward to seeing where this next endeavor leads!

xoxo – Katie

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